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311. Poverty eradication and Peace creation

March 20, 2013

If there are two things I would like to see in my lifetime these are what the headline in this blog says. I’m slowly and steadily working towards making this happen around me. Mahatma Gandhi inspired us to do this and the new Pope inspires me to do this in all that he has said and done in the last week and I hope men and women like him sprout by the million.

All it takes is to answer a few questions to get started – What does success mean? How does one create happiness? And what is the purpose of life? I nailed these three questions early in my life and the more I imbibe these answers in what I think and do the more I will be able to contribute to poverty eradication and peace creation.

To me success is being able to hit my head on the pillow each night and fall asleep with the least amount of sleeplessness and worry and wake up in the morning undisturbed ready to embrace a new day. I create happiness by living the moment with none or the least amount of regrets believing I only compete with myself. The purpose of life is to leave the world a better place and to remember it is possible if we tell ourselves that we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from future generation.

This is the 100th in a series of blogs written over the last 100 days.

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