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285. 9 reasons I hate the BJP

February 22, 2013

I have said this time and again and I don’t need to though I like to. I am not pro-INC but my hatred for the BJP is so high that I end up looking like a supporter of the Indian National Congress. First things first – here are 9 reasons I hate (strong word on purpose) the Bharatiya Janata Party.

1. Double Standards – they point fingers at the Congress but end up doing the same things they point fingers at. while Congress maybe a sinner, the BJP is no saint

2. Communal – does this need an explanation and there is nothing wrong about it but to me it is a reason to dislike an organisation

3. Criminal – which party is not, but BJP which claims is built on the philosophy of Integral Humanism needs serious introspection

4. Corrupt – a party President being caught on camera accepting a bribe can do wonders

5. Cutthroat – Karnataka, my home state is an example of this in the last 5 years

6. Cunning – it is the masters of twists and turns when it comes to conversations

7. Careless – the number of times it has stalled Parliament instead of engaging in debate

8. Cranky – always crying foul and saying the grapes are sour

Now the 7 Cs and 1 D could be applied to any party, perhaps. But what makes it apt for the BJP is the next point, which is its slogan

9. The Party With ‘No’ Difference – a party with a difference is the right slogan if all the above are untrue but everyone does it and so does the BJP so should it change its slogan and add the “No’ in between.

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