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286. Why the Pope is brave?

February 23, 2013

In this day and age where egos rule and power hungry men and women call the shots it is inspiring to see the Pope resign and set an interesting precedent. I would have happier if he had set the age of being elected at 75 and retirement at 80 but this is a good decision that makes him a superstar overnight.

I am a big fan of the previous Pope and I had the pleasure of seeing him from close quarters in 200 at the World Youth Day in Rome. When Josef Ratzinger was elected Pope I was not too excited because of his age. A relatively younger pope (someone in his or her 60s) is the order of the day.

Well, the 85 year old Pontiff has shown humility and courage by this one act and I’m sure his successor will go one step ahead and set both an election cut-off age and a retirement age. This will help bring about more democracy and a better perception of the catholic church which is in need of reputation repair. That will be possible only when it does the right things and soon.

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