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278. Cardinal trivia for the upcoming conclave

February 15, 2013

Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Ukraine will turn 80 on 26th February 2013 and Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany will turn 80 on 5th March 2013. One will definitely miss his chance to vote while the other may or may not depending when the conclave starts.

The two youngest Cardinals are from Asia – Cardinal Cleemis Thottunkal (53 yrs) from India and Cardinal Luis Tagle (55 yrs) from Philippines. Their voting rights will end in June 2037 and June 2039 respectively.

Of voting age there are 12 Asian cardinals – one each from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lebanon, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and India has 5. Though India has 7 cardinals alive, 2 others are in their 90s.

India, Brazil and Spain have the 4th highest number of votes at 5 each after Italy (29), USA (11) and Germany (6). That’s more than half the electors from 6 countries.

The Archbishops of Boston, New York and Durban are the only three Cardinals who are on Twitter. 28 Cardinals are serving in the Roman Curia, which means they are not governing a diocese.

Of those with voting rights over 40 Cardinals were consecrated to the position between 2010 and 2012 by Benedict XVI. Over 50 were made Cardinals by Pope John Paul II and there are no Cardinals with voting rights made by any of their predecessors.

There has never been a non European Pope. All eyes are on Africa and South America though the two names from Brazil and Argentina doing the rounds are of European descent.

The last Pope to have taken a new single name was Pope Lando in 913. No one chose that name thereafter. John Paul II’s predecessor was the first to take two names and add ‘the first’.

Pope Paul VI was the first Pope to visit India. Pope John Paul was the second to do so and visited twice. Pope Benedict XVI never visited Asia.

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