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277. The best Valentine’s Day gift is to the Alma Mater

February 14, 2013

sahsEvery February over the last 11 years I have made commitments to various causes close to my heart in Mangalore, India. The first such initiative I took was to institute two scholarships for deserving students in the school where I learnt to live and love. This blog, I’m hoping, is an inspiration to my classmates and school mates to support our school (see image on right) and to the others reading this to support theirs, so we pay it forward and the chain of giving does not break.

Here’s a list of projects undertaken by the current headmaster:

There are 09 sections (3 in each of the 3 grades) that have Kannada as the medium of instruction. They are heavily subsidized on order to encourage students from economically weaker sections to be able to enroll. Some of the investments that can be supported individually or
SSLC students extra coaching classes expenses :Rs. 30,000 ($600)

8th and 9th grade extra coaching classes expenses: Rs. 30,000 ($600)

Sports Expenses: Rs. 20,000 ($400)

All these above are recurring expenses every academic year.

35 New benches are needed urgently costing Rs. 1,75,000 ($3,500) [with this 8th English medium classes will have new furniture because 35 unused desks are there already but no benches as yet].

New Furniture needed for 9th grade and 10th grade English  medium (6 classrooms): 1,75,000×6= Rs 10,50, 000 ($21,000) [the Furniture is really old,  and needs a face-lift].

Fund for the staff welfare. The staff members are slogging for the children for a meager salary. A fund for their welfare, will enable to work better and be committed more.This fund may be utilized for some urgent needs of their family, emergency loans of small amounts. Target corpus: Rs 10,00,000 ($20,000) [Ten batches can come forward to contribute to this at Rs 1,00,000 ($2,000 each)]

Some examples of Giving –

Batch of 1977  students have donated SMART CLASS digi boards. Total cost Rs. 20,00,000. They are paying in installments in 5 years time.

Batch of 1979 donated a pure drinking water facility costing around Rs. 1,00,000 on 14th February, 2013.

Those interested may contact
Fr. Edward Rodrigues SJ
Head Master,
St Aloysius High School

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  1. Fr. Edward Rodrigues., SJ permalink
    February 15, 2013 4:08 pm

    Thanks Amith for your interest and love for St Aloysius High school. May all the OLD STUDENTS of our school be blessed. I pray that they may prosper in life. Fr. Edward Rodrigues, SJ., Head Master.

    • February 15, 2013 4:33 pm

      It is a honour to be of help that gave us love and guidance in our formative years.

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