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230. My India Trip in 2012

December 30, 2012

My 12 days in India in 2012 had 12 highlights. But the best of all was meeting 101 out of the 112 people I wanted to meet. I landed in Bangalore to celebrate the 80th birthday of the oldest member in my immediate family. I have not had a grand parent or a maternal or paternal uncle or aunt who has lived to be in his or her 80s.

After a bunch of things done in Bangalore including visiting offices of my first and next employer, riding the Metro and checking out a property for potential investment I was headed to Mumbai in a rush to be at Anant Rangaswami’s book launch party.  The other highlight of my Mumbai trip was catching up with friends at the newly opened (one month old) Starbucks – which also happens to be the first in South Asia. Visiting four PR firm offices besides my previous employers office back to back was hectic  which was followed by the next destination – my hometown Mangalore – which for me is a pilgrim town where I ensure my first stop is my late mother’s memorial followed by the annual visit to the dentist.

After 36 hours each in Mumbai and Mangalore I was headed to Pondicherry via Chennai for PRAXIS. This was three amazing days about which I have written separately followed by my last stop – Gurgaon. In Delhi where I was for three days the same ritual of visiting offices of my previous and future employers followed by a visit to my under-construction apartment, some essential shopping and then check in at the airport for my return flight to Chicago.

The 101 people I met  are listed below:- thanks to PRAXIS I could met 20 of them in one place. All others were one-on-one meetings or me with a maximum group of 5 people.

Steven, Shane, Preeti, Umesh, Sahana, Ajit, Archana, Vivaan, Vir, Nandini, Lakshmi, Rajashree, Jean, Anand, Carl B, Atul, Miriam, Zakir, Dylan, Zita, Patricia, Gladys, Patricia, Cyril, Sandeep, Anant, Pooja N, Vandana, Madan, Carolina, Prasanna, Allwyn, Bhavna, Lakshita, Dhwani, Madhavi, Manjari, Siyona, Balan, Hemendra, Suresh, Tiwari, Dharmaraj, Ubale, Jovita, Carl M, Jordan, Sonia, Priyanka, Ritika, Rajesh & Suresh at GBM, VivaKi Mumbai and Delhi, Coelhos at Melrose, Gopinath, Valerian, Dad, Paul, Camillia, Nayaks, Juliet, Joseph A, Judith, Liza, Divya, Sunayna M, Madhuri S, Meenu H, Shwetank J, Vikram K, Tinu C, Kiruba S, Aruna, Ambuj, Pooja T, Ishita, Vishwajeet, Moksh, Deirdre, Vilanilam, Rajesh, Avinash, Tarun, Nafisa, Prema, Amit, Robert, Zorawar, Vinod, Girish, Sreeram, Roshan, Celine, Anubhuti  and the triplets, Priya, Akshar, Dhanashree, Novena, Jay & Meghan and Jayden – did I miss out anyone?

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