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229. Before Gun Control what’s needed is Mind Control

December 29, 2012

All the noise about the Gun violence is forgotten exactly two weeks after Adma Lanza killed 26 people most of whom were innocent children at the sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. There have been strong opinions for and against Gun Control. I am personally against weapons of any kind especially assault rifles of the automatic variety that can easily take away several lives more than any other weapon.

But knee jerk reactions that we come up with thoughtlessly including – What’s wrong with humanity or with a particular nation when these incidents take place is annoying? We have let ourselves down as a society by not letting someone else thrive knowingly or unknowingly. How much do we care about our neighbours? How much of Personal Social Responsibility do we undertake? and we want to have a say in policy matters when we have elected someone else to take care of that.

I’m not saying we should not make our voice heard but getting emotional serves no purpose while making a point. Those of us who are relatively better off need to focus on mental well being of humanity and share our thoughts not just when a violent act occurs but otherwise too like this blog I’m writing after letting the outrage cool down. Because before Gun Control what’s needed is Mind Control.

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