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328. Spokes of a wheel…

April 20, 2013

When I set out into the professional world a decade ago I realised  that I’m obligated to create my own Personal Social Responsibility plan to help leave the world a better place than it was when I came into it. This period coincided with an important turning point in my life – the loss of my mother. Thus was born a foundation in her memory to symbolically support 7* individuals every year and this number can go up.

*The 7 include 2 kids in Shillong who are born with speech and hearing impairments to the poorest of the poor, 4 different students who excel in academia in my hometown from the two schools my mother was associated with and a teacher in the state of Karnataka who has contributed greatly to the field of education.

As I complete the first decade of my professional life I decided to give back to my profession and support the community of professionals at different stages of their career and thus was born another foundation which does four things – a) brings together annually fellow professionals to share and learn from each other (PRAXIS), b) honours 5 to 6 professionals in different stages of their career ladder – PRizes (The Scholarship, the proposed ABC and ICG prize, the proposed prize for the emerging leader and the Hall of Fame), c) helps professionals meet in their own cities at least twice a year (PRonto) and brings out an online newsletter with views and news (PRism). All these are interconnected and further the cause of free and fair public communications. So none of these make money but in the long run will inspire a generation to contribute formally and in a  structured manner to causes.

Finally, the third Foundation which is still in its early stages of conceptualisation and will take off in mid 2014. This will be different things to different people and will focus on Youth Empowerment (through Indian Youth Movement, India Ideas Week, India Youth Summit), Poverty Alleviation (through the house of peace, hose of plenty and the house of prayer) and Project Backbone (targeting children 6 to 9 and senior citizens 60 to 90 – the grandkids and the grandparents to live a fuller life of fearlessness rooted in a culture of giving and sharing.

So why am I sharing all this year? Simply, because if it can inspire and create a chain of positive reactions and more ideas why not? Plus, if it leads to greater collaboration, then nothing like it.

[also because I wanted this out before I take a mini sabbatical from blogging and microblogging to do some fun things over the next 6 months – will be here but sporadically until end September. During this period I plan to trips to India, visits to two new countries in the Americas, do couple of courses – online and offline and complete one of two books before I leave the US as per plan around Spring 2014]

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