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329. 200 days to go!

May 12, 2013

As I type this blog I have completed 18 months in this amazing country and in the beautiful city of Chicago. As per plan I have the option to exit in 6 or 12 months. I will choose the latter for a variety of reasons – mainly to be closer home to family who feels my presence closer to where they live makes a difference.

In the past one and a half year I have gained so much in the people I have met, the places I have visited and the experiences I have had. In the next 25 weeks there is a lot more to be done. Professionally, I will move to my fourth and final rotation and also undertake to important journeys within the Americas – to the North (Canada: Victoria) and to the South (Brazil: Rio). I will also visit a few more American cities on the three upcoming long weekends – Charlotte for Memorial Day, Philadelphia for Independence day and Houston for Labor Day.

There could be repeat trips to 5 cities I have already been to meet three dear friends and to attend a global summit and these will be Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Miami. There could be one trip to East England to soak in the Fall colors and a trip to India for PRAXIS, a couple of months before the final move. All in all it has been an awesome ride in of learning, sharing and leading.

PS  – For friends in Chicago I only have 3 weekends in June (15, 22, 29) and all weekends in August and October in the Windy City.

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  1. Ash permalink
    May 21, 2013 8:27 pm

    you are pretty booked Mr. Busy! 😉

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