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253. Fabulous Las Vegas

January 21, 2013

From LA to LV or from LAX to LAS is a short 50 minute flight. The airport at Las Vegas is close to the strip and is one of the nation’s busiest. The highlight of the airport is the numerous slot machines located near the gates to excite arriving and departing passengers. We were staying at the MGM Grand which we found was the buzziest of all the hotels ion the strip.

We spent the two nights exploring the strip and had a day trip planned to Arizona (about which you may read in the subsequent blog). I made history by not doing any of the three things that people go to LV primarily: drinking, womanizing and gambling. But the visit was still worth it to see how a desert has ben converted successfully into a tourist paradise and the thematic hotels that have become the mainstay of the downtown area which is called the Strip.

I may never visit Las Vegas again but everyone who can afford it should visit it at least once in their lifetime to see a make believe world of colors, lights, fantasy and greed. The loads of people it offers employment to is remarkable. And the madness is invigorating.

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