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226. Six takeaways from Richard Edelman’s book launch speech

December 26, 2012

Here is the link to the speech delivered by Richard Edelman  during the launch of The Book of Dan  – (check both links)

The long speech is very well written with a touching tribute to several people who have made a difference to the firm. Some key learnings from the speech are:

Calling people by nameclients, alumni and present employees : What a beautiful gesture to call out over 25 names during such a significant speech. goes to show the importance the firm and the family attaches to its past and present employees and to its clients

Never be self-satisfied because there is always a higher bar to jump over : This should be the motto of every professional in every field. This is what sets leader companies apart.

Days of advertising dominance are over : This is a warning to the advertising biggies and time to watch out for a new framework of communications

PR understands co-creation : This is the bedrockk of our profession and what sets us apart in the business of reputation building for corporates and brands

PR is at the heart of social enterprise : This is a powerful statement in today’s fast paced world and getting a hang of this belief is helpful for those who get it right.

Combine Research and Digital with traditional PR to make it a triangle offence to combat new competitors: The firm’s mantra for the future.

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