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225. Takeaways from the Elephants in the Room

December 24, 2012

Six takeaways from Anant Rangaswami’s book –

Several books have been written about advertising but here’s one that is bold and beautiful. This is not a review as the book is not written for commercial profit. The book maybe downloaded for free from here

I read the book in less than two hours in one sitting. some of the takeaways from the book that a lot of sectors and not only advertising can take away are here –

Ipad for employees – an idea that every firm especially in the digital age offers its employees loans for tablets

Goafest being a waste – a good wake up call and I’m glad the PR fraternity created an event that is on the lines of Goafest but different, unique and fruitful

Succession planning – sad that most companies don’t have a clear number two in the saddle but the book gives the leadership a wake up call

Building personal brand – the book clearly gives individuals recipes to become successful personal brands and spells out without mincing words that the journey is not easy

Better training and recruiting process – glad that this is covered in detail because in a people business if good amount of time is not spent on hiring and retaining talent one better not be in the people business

The Suchanti model – this was my favourite to learn that a holding company led by a PR firm, in a way is taking shape in India

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