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163. An evening with Michelle Obama

June 26, 2012

The way this country runs its election campaigns and in particular the way Obama’s campaign has been run is always mesmerizing. I have two email addresses that subscribe to updates from the Obama campaign office. One of them received an unusual invitation last Tuesday and it was targetting professionals under 40 to contribute an amount as low as $ 44 or upwards to the campaign to get an invitation to a reception with the First Lady.

Gen 44 is the number chosen for the group that raises funds from young professionals  and 44 is the entry level contribution because it is inspired by the 44th President. I did contribute and was automatically invited to an intimate reception with FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States). And so I was at the event this evening and what a beautiful one hour it was to see Jim Messina and others welcome Michelle Obama.

The first lady walked in gracefully spoke for about 20 minutes and then went around the arena handshaking as many as she could. I was one of the lucky few to shake hands with this charming woman and  exchange greetings ( I said God Bless You and she acknowledged with a nod). When will Indian campaigns be run on inspiration and decency between politicians, their spouses at one end and the electorate at the other?

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