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The new political wave!

May 16, 2014

Today was not like any other. It was result day after a well fought election. And very few expected the kind of result that we saw. This was also an election that was projected to be a watershed and indeed it was. Here are my ten takeaways of the outcome –

It was severe anti-incumbency and the way cabinet minister after cabinet minister lost and in some cases coming third and fourth was a story in itself. The External Affairs minister, the Telecom minister, the HRD minister, the Home minister and several others had to all bite the dust.

It was a vote for credible change and we saw it in the way the voters gave a decisive verdict ensuring the leading party got all seats in some states and almost 95% seats in few others. The ruling dispensation was wiped out in states where it is running a government.

It was a clearly laid out war and every trick in the book and every tool in the kit was put to good use. The opponents were caught unaware as the onslaught went on and on. There was one side charging along and no one to lay a counter offensive.

It was well packaged and that is something to marvel about. Political packaging and communication has come of age and BJP showed everyone how it is done and how it is done in utmost style. From merchandise to event properties to road shows.

It was stealthily executed which is how battles are fought. The enemy doesn’t have a clue of what is going on. Most of all does not smell that something is a miss and the ground beneath it is shaking.

It was a disgust for dynasty and across the board. There were exceptions in the ruling dispensation. But in UP outside of the Sangh Parivar only ywo families won – 2 seats to the Gandhi family and 5 seats to the Yadav clan.

It was a no risking on fringe players by what I mean BJP did not let potential allies slip by. They built the right partnerships including bringing back certain elements back to the fold as we saw in Karnataka.

It was divisive. The numbers were far from what the BJP had imagined. They won in one state more than what the Cogress got in all states. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Porbandar to Dibrugarh they won hands down. The Congress did not get double digits in any state. Their final national tally was almost half of what BJP got in one state

It was everywhere and sometimes over the top. The in your face advertising on outdoors, on social media, on print, on TV. They played to win. The Congress played because they had no choice. They did not fight and most of all they did not communicate right.

It was unstoppable. This goes without saying. The juggernaut rolled like a well oiled machine and it made a mark, proved a point and is here to stay.

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  1. May 19, 2014 9:17 am

    My dear Amith — U may want to read my blog-post:
    Dark days ahead — be prepared to resist!

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