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My MXM India columns in one place

March 24, 2014

150. 11th April

149. 4th April

148. 28th March

147. 21st March

146. 14th March

145. 7th March

144. 29th February –

143. 22nd February –

142. 15th February –

141. 8th February –

140. 1st February – Leaving a Legacy

139. 25th January – 16 things we hope to see in Indian PR this year

138. 18th January – The 16 leading ladies of Indian PR consulting

137. 11th January – 16 Trends in PR & Corp Comm in 2016

136. 2016 4th January – 16 people to watch out in 2016 in Indian Public Relations

135. 28th December – 15 events in World and Indian PR

134. 21st December – 15 young professionals who show promise

133. 14th December – 15 books to read for PR pros in the year ahead

132. 7th December – 15 interesting moves in 2015

131. 30th November – A perspective on PR awards

130. 23rd November – Notes from Nairobi

129. 16th November – The Kingdom of Dreams experience lacks good Public Relations 

128. 9th November – A quest for higher education in Communications

127. 2nd November – Why brands get it wrong?

126. 26th October – What can our Festivals teach us?

125. 19th October – Public Relations learnings from the week that was

124. 12th October – The Pirate’s Manifesto

123. 5th October – 7 things they don’t teach you at C school

122. 28th September – A Praxis like no other

121. 21st September – What the new PRCAI President ought to do?

120. 14th September – Public Relations is about honesty, no matter what!

119. 7th September – 21 steps to a bloody good event

118. 31st August – Where is our talent coming from?

117. 24th August – PR is not changing. We are!

116. 17th August – Liberation is what we need! 

115. 10th August – The season of PR events is here!

114. 3rd August – The Public Relations person par excellence

113. 27th July – 10 steps to being better PR professionals

112. 20th July – Public Relations is about the simple touches

111. 13th July – New age brands that have built themselves using smart Public Relations 

110. 6th July – Pot Pourri from the world of Public Relations

109. 29th June – When will there be a Cannes Lion Grand Prix for PR, by PR and of PR? 

108. 22nd June – The Client Brief – is that a myth?

107. 15th June – New age problems of dealing with younger talent

106. 8th June – Brand Maggi – 20 years to build, 2 minutes to get destroyed! 

105. 1st June – 10 on 10 for the Modi govt on PR, but…

104. 25th May – If Public Relations cannot be measured, then what can be?

103. 18th May – To understand PR better, learn the definition of a religion 

102. 11th May – Three men who made news in interesting ways last week 

101. 4th May – Independent PR Firms are no different from holding company-owned firms

100. 27th April – Our biggest PR campaign would be a display of discipline 

99. 20th April – Why PR is never going to get its due for a long time? 

98. 13th April – Which are the good PR firms?

97. 6th April – The Aam Aadmi Party just did business

96. 30th March – Freedom of Speech and its implications

95. 23rd March –Where’s the Seat at the table?

94. 16th March – Has Public Relations lost its credibility?

93. 9th March – They don’t make editors like Vinod Mehta anymore

92. 2nd March – The art of Public Relations is changing

91. 23rd February – 30 under 30 and what they need to do

90. 16th February – Another election where Public Relations won

89. 9th February – Time for more meaningful Engagement with the most important stakeholders 

88. 2nd February – The PR Business in India needs a school of its own

87. 27th January – 15 people to watch out for in 2015

86. 19th January – Time for real Reputation Management professionals in Politics 

85. 12th January – 15 things we need to see in a PR Institute in 2015

84. 2015 5th January – Public Communications and Public Reputation – Perspectives for 2015 

83. 29th December – Fourteen must reads in 2014 

82. 22nd December – A book to remember because the PRactice of PR in India has so few 

81. 15th December – What to do when hit by a Reputation Crisis

80. 8th December – People make our business

79. 1st December – My PR Person of the Year

78. 24th November – The Rise of PR firms in India over the last two decades 

77. 17th November – How about a dedicated school for Reputation Management? 

76. 10th November – Media relationships will get increasingly complex in a cluttered world

75. 3rd November – Hiring journalists without training them is unfair to the profession and unjust to the individual

74. 27th October – The Public Relations Campaign brief

73. 20th October – Politics is all about Public Reputation as it is in everyday life and more

72. 13th October – We need to showcase our PR Icons

71. 6th October – Managing the three Es in PR

70. 29th September – (No column)

69. 22nd September – Public Reputation is a matter of PRide

68. 15th September – Getting professionals together is just half the work done

67. 8th September – Public Reputation in Politics

66. 1st September – The Public Reputation Alphabet

65. 25th August – Public Reputation cannot be built in a day

64. 18th August – Why is Public Reputation Management widely misunderstood 

63. 11th August – From Public Relations to Public Reputation

62. 4th August – The art of Public Relations – it is about practicing what we preach

61. 28th July – Positioning, Participating and Packaging and a night to remember 


60. 21st July – The vicious PR cycle of education, jobs and salaries 

59. 14th July – PRAXIS2014 is slicker, smarter and super

58. 7th July – The great PR place to work

57. 30th June – Whose Cannes Lion is it anyway?

56. 23rd June – Is a Cannes PR Lion within our reach? (blank column)

55. 16th June – The elusive Cannes Lion

54. 9th June – HR in Public Relations needs to do the right things to build a better reputation

53.2nd June – The exclusivity of exclusives

52. 26th May – The year flew by and we have a brand new government

51. 16th May – In the end Public Relations won! (Special edition)

50. 12th May – What corporate spokespersons can learn from the Narendra Modi interview on Times Now? 

49. 5th May – What’s new that PR folks can offer clients?

48. 28th Apr – The Accidental Media Advisor

47. 21st Apr – Four major international PR events not to miss in 2014 

46. 14th Apr – On the campaign trail – so much PR to learn

45.7th Apr – The Indian PR scene

44.31st Mar – The Public Relations in the aftermath of the tragedy of MH370

43.24th Mar –  Much action for Indian PR frat this year

42.17th Mar – Holiday (My blog on Raising money for a Cause)

41.10th Mar – The media gift conundrum

40.3rd Mar – 10 years as a PR practitioner

39.24th Feb – The crucible called Media Lists

38.17th Feb – Time to stand up for upright journalism

37.10th Feb – The need for an individual membership-driven PR association 

36.3rd Feb – What corporate spokespersons can learn from the historic Rahul Gandhi interview? 

35.27th Jan – The PR professional-Journalist changing equation

34.20th Jan – The Public Relations of Indian Politics

33.13th Jan – Time to protect our profession from quacks

32. 2014 6th Jan – 2014: A year that promises a lot of action

31.30th Dec – 13 PR savvy Indian events and people of 2013

30.23rd Dec – 13 PR savvy international events and people of 2013 

29.16th Dec – Reminiscences of the Global PR summit

28.9th Dec – PR lessons for AAP, BJP & Congress for the general elections

27.2nd Dec – Did you do things differently to be a better PR professional this year? 

26.25th Nov – It’s not about doing the right things, it’s about doing everything right 

25.18th Nov – Public Relations for dummies

24.11th Nov – What’s with the friction between Journalists and PR professionals? 

23.4th Nov –  Holiday (My blog on life in Edelman Chicago)

22.28th Oct – Public Relations and Bad Publicity

21.21st Oct – How Public Relations can win back the respect it deserves! 

20.14th Oct – How PR professionals can upgrade their skills

19.7th Oct – Beggars are not choosers but in Chicago they also know how not to be losers 

18.30th Sep – Musings from India’s only weekend summit for Public Relations

17.23rd Sep – Public Relations has a bigger stake in Social Media than any other stream 

16.16th Sep – How Storytelling has come to become the new buzzword in PR

15.9th Sep – Why our politicians must undertake media training

14.2nd  Sep – Bring back the Credible into Incredible India!

13.26th Aug – Modi’s online Public Relations campaign

12.19th Aug – How PR at a gigantic event is pulled through together… 

11.12th Aug – Learning Public Relations from the Pope

10.5th Aug – The next phase in the evolution of Public Relations

9.29th Jul – Events that make our profession worth being part of

8.22nd Jul – The 6 Cs that are the currency of being successful PR professionals 

7.15th Jul – 5 ways PR in US is different from that in India

6.8th Jul – One size does not fit all!

5.1st Jul – It’s time to give ace communicators their due

4.24th Jun – Why can’t our PR firms win PR Lions at Cannes?

3.17th Jun – Do you know who your biggest ambassador is? (Employee Engagement)

2.10th Jun – The case for Public Relations in governance

1.  2013 – 3rd Jun – To new beginnings!

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