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343. Is there really a personal brand?

October 21, 2013

Several celebrities end up becoming brands themselves. I am neither a celebrity nor wish to be one. I write this blog because some individuals in the recent past have in a joking way referred to me as one because of the various things I do that may seem unusual, which in reality are not.

I feel my greatness is in my smallness and the only thing I’m proud of is my humility. Contrarian as it may sound, it is what it is. I will soon step into the new chapter of my professional life and I’m looking forward to the future.

Having spent two full years in one of the most evolved consumer markets in the world I feel charged for the next stint back in my home country. While the details of my next innings are still being ironed out I felt it is good to write this blog so there is more clarity for me and those who will be professionally engaged with me in the future. Just makes it easy.

Firstly, I am not a brand and don’t wish to be one. There maybe people who aspire to be brands but I’m certainly not one of them. That being said well wishers and adversaries from time to time will try to paint you as a brand for personal joy or personal gain.

This brings me to the new brand that is selling like hot cake in India. The man who is completely a creation of the mainstream and social media. While time will tell what becomes of him one thing is clear all said and done a lot of time, money and energy has been spent to build this larger than life persona of someone who is nothing more than decisive.

The beauty of life is that each one is unique and each one comes with a point of view that is distinct. In the end what we do with what we have is all that matters. I write these blogs for myself but because I’m open you have access to read this and I’m glad you do.

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