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332. The ABC Award for the Young Professional in Public Relations

June 21, 2013

Under the aegis of The Promise Foundation for Public Relations, three of us fellow professionals Chitrangada Somaiya, Bodhisatya Basuthakur and Amith Prabhu – who are currently based abroad, working for different PR firms have come forward to institute The ABC Award – a first of its kind cash prize to recognise a young professional who is an Ace Business Communicator in the Indian Public Relations community. This is a small step to commemorate 10 years of being in the profession and to celebrate a decade of knowing each other.

We were part of a batch of 13 professionals that a leading Indian PR firm hired directly from various campuses in 2004, to create a unique programme for the profession. Today, some of us have worked in international firms transcending borders and in various continents, thanks to the solid foundation built during our formative years. While we are grateful to our seniors, we believe we owe it to future generations by instituting this award and we are hopeful others will join us by making contributions to increase the number of awards we can offer each year. Our initial commitment is for 10 years. We will review this initiative in 2023 and in between to improvise on it. We are confident that this is small step and will go a long way in identifying future leaders who will be torchbearers for the profession.

The objective of this award is to recognise young professionals who hold promise for the future. Over a period of time, the hope is that this group of diverse individuals who win year-on-year inspire a culture of giving back to the profession and to the community, besides setting benchmarks for the business of Public Relations. We wanted to give back to a profession that has given us a great deal and we could not think of a better way to do this.

The criteria to apply to The ABC Award for the Young Professional is simple and as follows

– be below the age of 30 as on June 30th 2013 and currently be employed by a PR firm

– have worked for at least the past two years continuously after graduation or post-graduation and be employed for the last 12 months (as on June 30th) in the current organisation

A three member jury consisting of in-house Public Relations (corporate communications) professionals will evaluate the one page application independently, to arrive at the annual winner. The founders of the award will have no role to play in deciding the winners. Special mentions of those who are in the Top 5 will also be announced. The winner gets a certificate and a cash prize of Rs 25,000/- The bonus will be a fully paid-for registration to attend PRAXIS 2013 (the premier summit for Indian Public Relations and Corporate Communications professionals), where the winner will be honoured publicly in the presence of professional leaders and peers.

There is a plan to add more categories in the future based on partnerships that are being worked out, including a similar award for a young in-house professional and for professionals at different levels of experience.

Those interested in applying should send a one page application in a pdf format. It should contain a statement of purpose typed, which is no longer than 300 words which describes professional achievements and aspirations for the future, signed by the applicant. This should be followed by a note of recommendation that is not more than 100 words from the branch head of the office, where the applicant is currently based, including his or her name and signature. The application should include links to the applicant’s Linked In & Twitter accounts and  names and email addresses of two individuals from two different organisations that are not part of the applicant’s current organisation (preferably clients or media professionals) that the award promoters may contact for a reference check, to enable the jury to make a better decision. 

Entries maybe emailed to with the pdf document attached to the mail, between June 24th and July 31st with the applicant’s full name underscore ABC 2013 (Full Name_ABC2013) as file name and as the subject line. A second attachment may include a proof of birthdate in the form of a scanned copy of either a driver’s license or a passport. During the month of August a three member jury which we will announce on August 5th will evaluate the applications and the winner will be declared by September 5th. There is no entry fee to apply.

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