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326. Mantras for Happiness

April 16, 2013

I get asked this quite often as to what keeps me going. I’m at times rattled by this question because it makes me feel as if I’m the only one going while the others are stagnant. But on deeper thinking I realise the people who ask me this question have known me for a long period of time or know me close enough in a short period of time and want to know how I wear multiple hats of friend, philosopher, guide and full time employee.

Well, I decided to jot down 9 things that I have cultivated in the last 9 years that help me motivate my self and sometimes inspire others. These are all learnings from my interactions with other individuals, experiences from wide travels and exposure to interesting reading material. None of these are sacrosanct and to each their own.

a) Live the Moment – While long term planning is great live each day as if it were the last

b) No Expectations – In simple terms this is about preparing for the worst, hoping for the best and taking what comes. It also is about not being greedy and

c) Compete with Yourself – Those who compete with others have lost it before it has begun. I proudly compete with none but myself and therefore have never had a single sleepless night ever in my life among other things

d) Sixteen Hours  a day to do it all – Don’t complain that 24 hours in a day are not enough but rather say all we have is 16 and the 8 are bonus to sleep

e) Travel Teacher – Nothing teaches you like visiting new places, exposure to new cultures, tasting of new cuisines

f) Never Regret – The easiest way to take decisions is to think if you would regret it five or ten years ahead

g) Be Curious – The day we stop asking questions we stop learning and starts the beginning of the end

h) Respect All – I make friends quicker with lift men and office boys because there in lies the simplicity of life

i) Have Fun – While doing all of the above don’t forget the mandatory rule and that is the toughest of them all

Except for traveling none of these cost too much money and none of them is difficult to practice. So live your happy life today by creating your own mantras or adopting some of these. My life revolves around these and I believe I’m the happiest man.

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