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318. Mangalore has the potential to be cleanest and safest

March 31, 2013

The city is named after Mangala Devi – the Goddess of happiness and felecity and literally means auspicious. Mangala in mytholgy is the Sanskrit word for Mars. The anglicised variant of Mangalapura is Mangalore.

The city is the cradle of Indian banking and home to some of the finest professional colleges. The city is one of the most cosmopolitan given the nature of its demography that has a good number of followers of the world’s three largest religions in fairly equal measure. The literacy rate of Mangaloreans is very high too.

Given this background Mangalore has the potential to be the nation’s safest and cleanest cities and my dream is to work towards achieving that. Mangalore can become the modern Indian small city that others can base their development on. And this is possible in our lifetime.

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