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313. The 4 Ps of Life

March 23, 2013

We all exist but more importantly we all lives one or more lives and we hear these terms of living everyday. There are at least four dimensions involved and they can be broadly classified into Personal, Professional, Private and Public. Some of these dimensions overlap but smart people are those who know how to manage these four lives without much hassle.

A personal life is what we do for our personal growth and enjoyment. Our professional lives are that part of us that is related to being employed by an organisation our the self to impact others and make a monetary gain. The tricky part is keeping these separate and mastering the art comes with practice and discipline.

The private vs public is a different ball game. Simply put our private life is how we choose to build a wall around the time we want to spend with ourselves and our loved ones confined to a place that we would like to call our own without any disturbance. And the public life is that which makes us be a part of society contributing to the community in ways we best can.

Have you given this concept a thought?

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