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309. Nine career defining moments in the last 9 years

March 18, 2013
Nine years in the business. Looking back at the women, men and moments that have impacted by career. This is not an exhaustive list but definitely more important than the others.
1. First meeting with Prema and Ashwani
2. My first job interview with Senjam to become the first ALP member
3. My learning with Sabiana & Sheena
4. My first two meetings with Amit Misra
5. Setting up Mumbai APCO with team-mates
6  My APCO  Bangkok Academy
7. My first meeting with Ravi
8. My handling of Ravi’s transition
9. My meeting with Rick
I am indebted to all these people mentioned above for being direct and indirect mentors to me. I wrote a blog for the three women mentioned here on Womens Day. To all the men: Ashwani, Senjam, Amit, Ravi and Rick – all I want to say is I won’t let myself down.
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