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303. Admiration for the Determined

March 12, 2013

Here are two stories of three people I have just got to know from Aashish (with whom I share an apartment in Chicago). Te first is his brother Vishal who moved as a student to the United States 8 years ago to do his Masters and Doctorate which made him the most educated in his family and one of the youngest professors (he is 29) in the university he teaches at. His story is special for multiple reasons and I look forward to meeting him for the first time next week when he visits Chicago.

The uniqueness of his story is his determination to excel, work hard and make ends met and only return to India after having spent 7 years in a country he has now made home. There are many like him I’m sure but I happen to know more about him and his story fascinates me. The next story is about Ira who happens to be Aashish’s former boss’s sister whom both Aashish and I met for the first time when she arrived in Chicago 10 weeks ago for a medical internship.

What makes her story interesting is that she is one of few girls from countries like India who graduate as medical professionals and move to highly evolved countries on their own merit to take their professional development to the next level. She has not only mastered the intricacies of the city in less than two months but comes across as an organised go-getter who is ambitious, vivacious and as she likes to think of herself – awesome. Cheers to this new breed of young upstart professionals who are determined to make it big.

PS on 15th March – when she returned from the US to India there were 20 people waiting to receive her at the airport 😉

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