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301. The Drama about Working from Home

March 10, 2013

Much has been said in the past few weeks about working from home. While to each their own, the working from home concept is a great option. However, companies may choose to offer it or not to offer it to employees and the option should not be taken as a right by employees.

The tricky part could be employees who were made offers that they accepted on the premise of working from home. Circumstances change and managements come and go and each chief executive may have his or her own reason to alter the policy. Employees need to be prepared for such changes and should not take ‘working from home’ a s aright.

The rule in the current scenario does not seem to be targeted at a particular section but in general at those whom the company believed were not contributing as much as they would if they worked from office. Some rules meant for a few under-performers can affect adversely those who are performing right but that is life. These two lines (a) and (b) of thought give a better sense about the issue but most importantly it is important to remember that CEO is the boss and anything done legally to maximise profits can hardly be questioned.

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