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300. Climb For Air

March 9, 2013

I have never taken part in runs, marathons, climbs or fund raisers that involve physical exertion. And in the United States these events are a big deal. I decided that I should participate in one during my time here and chose Climb For Air for multiple reasons.

First someone convinced me in a very persuasive manner, second it was taking place in the building where I live but most importantly because of the cause itself – a campaign for clean air. The money raised is going to the American Lung Association that works among others with children suffering from Asthma. My mother was an asthmatic from childhood and died at a young age of 51 eleven years ago and I have seen her suffer from close quarters due to the lack of clean air.

I am glad I can do this for the numerous children who suffer and for her. On the eve of my run I want to thank Chandan and Neena, Shruti and Vivek, Chitrangada and Nikhunj, Maulik, Tina, Srinivas, Ali and Swathi for contributing to my fund raising efforts. Generosity goes a long way in making a difference and the climb for air is an ongoing effort and a long one.

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