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299. Three women who laid the foundation of my professional life

March 8, 2013

I entered the 10th year of my post graduation professional career (though I like to say I have had four years of experience prior to that as a social entrepreneur). Well,  in these last 9 years four sets of men and women have made an impact on me – some as clients, some as subordinates and some as peers. But there are those who have been an influence more than others as booses/seniors/mentors and this blog in the week of International Womens Day is for them.

Firstly, Prema Sagar who has played a passive role in my career and I’m indebted for life. Her story of rising from being a girl next door to the Prema Dona (Proma Dona) of Indian Public Relations is inspiring. My first real boss was Sabiana Anandaraj to whom I had a dotted line reporting and who gave me the freedom to think differently.

Then there is Sheena Sharma with whom I had the pleasure of working in Bangalore for two years directly and indirectly. She is rock solid and superb. There are others too but these three Ss – Sagar, Sabi and Sheena made an impact in the first three years and I’m always grateful.

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