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289. A tale of three mails

February 26, 2013

In the last 24 hours I received 3 mails from a different generation – almost all of them in their mid 20s or younger with varying but interesting requests for favours. While all of them had good intentions and I had all the intention to help and still do the unusual thing is that all these 3 were acquaintances I had just no interaction with prior to these mail except for one of the three whom I had briefly met for a few minutes during my last visit to India. And all of them wanted instant solutions.

While the first is a friend of a friend who wanted an internship recommendation, the second wanted me to forward a survey he was running to my connections and the third works in the India office of my future employer and wanted some proof reading done at an odd hour. Well, nothing wrong about all these requests but the style and approach is so similar and so was the timing that it got me wondering if my peers and I were in a similar league few years ago when we were in our mid 20s. Or is this the style of a new generation – to want everything instantly without working on it.

I will not be able to explain in this blog what I thought of the requests because I don’t judge individuals and rather take everything on face value. But it got me thinking that there is only one way out of situations like these – to prepare, prepare and prepare. Preparation does not need influence or being born with a silver spoon. The first person could have connected with enough people at the conference he and I briefly met to seek help for the survey or the girl who sent me a mail could have done so couple of days in advance to benefit the most or the guy who wants an internship could have planned for one before he moved from India to the US a few months ago.


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