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288. On prefixes that we flaunt

February 25, 2013

Can’t we have a world free of professional prefixes with the exception of a medical doctor so that one can be reached out to in an emergency. It has become a fad for people to make them sound profound, intellectual by using Prof for having been guest lecturers, or to use Dr when they have a Doctorate in Philosophy and son on. The truly intelligent do not flaunt these titles and their words and actions speak for itself.

There should be a law that bans people from using these prefixes. I’m not saying this because the grapes are sour as I’m neither a Professor or a Doctor. I’m saying this just so that we can have a simpler world without baggages we carry. The same goes for religious leaders and retired military personnel.

The problem is when people use these titles to intimidate, dominate and boss around. Or to get undue favours because of the titles they hold. Let’s make this world easy and equal because you and I can.

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