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281. Why are some people so picky about every cent?

February 18, 2013

I have always believed money can do two things – control you or let you control it, crave for it or detest it or make you want more or just be happy with what you have. There are some who belong to the first category (marked in bold) and the others to the second. What we want out of life makes that up.

There are some who will borrow 5 bucks pretending to be broke and then spend 10 bucks a few minutes later that they hid in another pocket. They will keep an account of every cent and want to split even three bucks. Worse still, they will want to know how much others spent even if it was a treat.

Then there are others who will go that extra yard to have a good time and not worry about a few dollars spent on the larger happiness of the group not bothering about keeping every silly account. Or just be generous because they feel the world needs to embrace that virtue. Which category you choose to be in defines your happiness quotient!

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