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276. Anyone with a history of violence will want to cover up

February 13, 2013

When people who chant the Modi mantra either conveniently forgetting the incident of 2002 or were too small to remember and are now in their early 20s it amazes me that they are indirectly or directly fine with what happened in Godhra or just don’t care. Most of the people are disgruntled with the current ruling dispensation which they have seen for the last 9 years or are just unhappy that the person calling the shots is a woman, a catholic and of foreign origin. While there is a general aversion to dynasties, the fact that a spouse is exalted to a high position is not most people can come to terms with.

On the other hand people harp about the Gujarat development story to happily push the Gujarat Genocide under the carpet. They bring up 1984 Delhi riots when Godhra is brought up. I think both were wrong and if there was one person who could own up for the loss of lives and property he is no more as another group took away his life in 1991.

My only point is let the BJP come to power if they have to but let them choose cleaner candidates who don’t look the other way while their jurisdiction is burning. Jaitley and Jaswant definitely are a better bet than Modi. If Godhra had not happened Modi would not have not taken pains to paint a rosy picture the way he has because I have have spent considerable time in Gujarat and it is like any other state but just better packages what it does while others don’t.

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  1. Anthony permalink
    February 14, 2013 11:39 am

    Wholly agree to you here, Modi is punching above his weight based on a good PR and marketing exercise. Gujarat is getting a lot of investment as most of the other states like TN, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana have moved up the ladder of getting investments, they dont want too many white elephants to care for. Gujarat was a late entrant to the investment party and the only one aggressively courting new investments. Secondly Modi’s heart does not bleed for the people, it is about him. Its a well crafted program to make him the only candidate for the PM in the BJP. Here he has outbeaten Hitler who got the german people to rally behind him by raising the bogey of Jewish domination what he has smartly done is then crafted the development and economic growth story to hoodwink the people. His single window clearance of projects is good but stifles any legitimate dissent.

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