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272. Twitter rules because Twitter will rule

February 9, 2013

Twitter is more than just a social network. For me it is a window to the world and has replaced the newspaper and the television completely. My sources of information and entertainment are guided by the nearly 400 handles I follow on Twitter. A dangerous trend that is gaining larger acceptance is the presence of anonymous people on Twitter.

This group is free floating and acting on behalf of two extreme schools of thought – left and right. This group does not have a display picture usually or has one of an object or a celebrity. This group does not have a link to a public profile and does not have a bio.

I respond to some of these who engage with me but going forward will have to just ignore or block such cases. Twitter needs to offer two levels of verified accounts. One for celebrities and the other for those who register using a either a registered postpaid mobile number or a passport number.

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