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271. ModiFraud

February 8, 2013

Lies that Modi made look like truths in his SRCC speech

  1. What is the use of starting by saying you come from the land of Gandhi and Patel when you allowed under your watch a Genocide to take place?
  2. At 6 minutes he says everyone thinks all leaders are a waste and thieves. People think it is a curse to be born in India. Really?
  3. At 11 minutes he talks of three sectors and 1/3 growth each – where is the service sector. How many IT companies in Gujarat?
  4. At 17  vegetables that you get in Delhi, Europe, Afghanistan. Never heard more humbug?
  5. Punjab tops in milk production and he claims all milk in Delhi is from Gujarat – must be referring to Kurien’s Amul Kool
  6. At 21 he talks of the first Forensic Science University in th world. What rubbish?
  7. At 28 he talks of exporting teachers. MPs from his party and state were involved in human trafficking. Is this now a formal way of doing it? Who exports teachers? And how much literacy has Gujarat achieved that it wants to send teachers abroad?
  8. At 35 he lies about the  11 days heads up for VGGIS is the biggest lie. Having been involved with VGGIS in 2008 for the 2009 event I can say that one year of preparation goes into it and there is a back up plan if the government falls that the show goes on
  9. At 42 he talks of 21st century being India’s century – what’s new? Isn’t it already on its way? He derailed it in 2002 by letting what happened.
  10. At 44 he talks of mouse charmer. Does he know how gave India the computer revolution?
  11. At 48 he mentions the Clinton incident, of 2000 where he claims Clinton praised India’s greatness. Which party ruled the country until then that led Clinton to believe what he told the Panchayat member him?
  12. At 50 he says government has no reason to be in business then what is VGGIS all about?
  13. At 52 he talks of the Bombardier story which is such a bluff. How would a metro coach factory open on the basis of a flimsy proposal by a clumsy person as he makes it out to be.
  14. Formulas are all jargon – read the 7th Feb tweets of @CedricPrakash for more


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  1. Anthony permalink
    February 14, 2013 11:45 am

    Wholly agree with you. Actually Modi is the flavour of the season and most people are in a mad rush to state how they love him because people are afraid to be the odd men / women out in a crowd.

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