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270. India’s next Prime Minister should…

February 7, 2013

There are 12 months for India’s next election, if it all goes as per plan. Here is a list of  12 things India’s next Prime Ministerial aspirant should undertake. feel free to add your 2 cents to mine in the comments section.

A sixty day tour of 28 states and 2 Union Territories that are not part of the mainland. Each of these tours should cover at least 2 cities with three parts in each city that includes a public rally, a student meet up which should include a Q &A section and a by-invitation meeting of various representatives including farmers, academia, local community leaders – 30,000, 3000 and 300 should be the strength of each of these gatherings respectively.

A self-authored book that outlines his or her vision for the country on various issues especially the six core areas of Internal Security, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Foreign Policy.

A series of media interviews in print and television to articulate various themes that gives voters a better understanding of the person he or she is.

A social network campaign that encompasses Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and Google Plus to engage with different generations on a sustained basis and an offline campaign for those who are not internet savvy on a weekly basis to have in-person meetings

A seamless communications office that is interactive and receptive to the public and to public opinion that manages to give a sense in 60 weeks of what 60 months will look like with that person at the helm.

A smart merchandise programme that offers supporters interesting essentials for campaigning and raises funds for the election and for a set of causes.

A secret campaign blueprint which is understood by the core team of campaign managers and volunteers who help during the election season.

A scientifically drawn out research and analytics undertaken to gauge the mood of the voter and what he or she is looking for in India’s next Prime Minister that will enable a grassroots outreach.

A systematic advertisement campaign that highlights the individuals and the party’s achievements based on fact rather than on fiction.

A story well though-out to tell the world (storytelling) about how he or she thinks can India be realistically transformed under his or her leadership.

A solid line-up of leaders who will be projected as members of the cabinet who will run their own campaigns in complete alignment with the lead campaign and

A sincerity in every dealing should be the only approach because god communication cannot sell a bad product beyond a point – this Sincerity has to be in-built.

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