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269. What India Needs to WIN

February 6, 2013

I posted a simple message on Facebook and tweeted the same as well. It was  as follows – If you had a chance to run for LS in ’14 on non communal, non dynastic lines would you contest. If Yes- why?; If No- why so? #SayItIND. And I’m hoping it is the beginning of an exercise that can transform the country to become what it deserves to be.

This was triggered by a post of a former colleague on Facebook which pontificates without solution indirectly suggesting a form of chaos. Fortunately, it is within the four walls of his social network and not more open on the national magazine he works for. while his intentions may have been born out of despair and were clean he, an educated man was setting a wrong precedent of discussing a problem without offering a solution.

It is time to discuss solutions and offer the nation something concrete in terms of leadership that will make simple things easy rather than complicate them further. All we need is a policy framework that touches upon 6 areas and we will be good. Can there be a formation of educated, civilised, non dynastic and non communal people in 300 constituencies who can offer a corruption free administration for 5 years that shows Indians that it is possible?

The six areas are Infrastructure (including housing, energy, transportation), Healthcare, Education, National & Domestic Security (including foreign policy) , Agriculture Efficiencies and Electoral & Political. Any formation that deals head on with these areas as priorities with undivided focus can alone take India to where it ought to be. I wrote about this in an earlier blog and I am convinced this is the only way ahead. No individual who comes with a dynasty mindset can do this – by dynasty I refer to all kinds of Parivars.

India needs a network of 300 men and women who can come forward to lead this change. I wrote about  10 things that this formation should consist of in another blog and called it The ‘political party of the future’ hoping it would see the light of day someday in this decade. Until that happens we have to choose between two large devils or several smaller devils.

There are several hurdles that will come in the way of this fructifying and most of all our pessimism and regionalistic thinking. We need to spend less time bickering online and making a difference offline. If we can dream it we can do it and the time has begun, the clock is ticking.

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