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268. PR is simply the art of bringing a smile to the potential customer

February 5, 2013

Yesterday I saw a very influential, yet down to earth individual tweeting a simple desire on Twitter. He took part in a contest which he did not win despite his best efforts and the prize was the use of a Mercedes Benz car for the weekend, which he would have loved to win. The three winners who won collectively have about 510 followers and this individual has over 200,000 followers – no kidding.

Well, I had nothing to lose or gain but since I have dear friends in most auto car companies in  India I reached out to one via text after tagging him to the tweet of this individual and in a matter of minutes it was agreed that Merc would delight this individual with his wish of a luxury car for a weekend. While the other contest was organised by an influential celebrity the actual winners will not be able to influence potential customers in a big way the way this person who Merc has decided to reward can when he experiences the product.

So in one minute a dream was fulfilled, there was no monetary transaction involved, the entire benefit to the individual and the brand can never be measured, the individual will be predisposed towards the brand in the future if it offers him a good experience. To me this is the essence of Public Relations. Simply put, bringing a smile to a potential customer that no other form of marketing can do.

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