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266. Media outlets need to self regulate on Twitter

February 3, 2013

Every Indian media outlet worth their salt is on Twitter and getting aggressive by the day. However, many of them need either coaching on or better understanding of the medium. Just tweeting lines from a news report is no fun.

The social media managers or journalists need to coin smarter, shorter headlines that are tailor-made for Twitter and attach the link. Once that is done the outlets need to tone down a bit and not try to sensationalize. The core purpose of news is to inform readers but that has been forgotten in the quest to be the first to share (or break) the news.

Most importantly media outlets need to stop sharing opinions on Twitter. Opinions are great on the op-ed page in the printed form or on the website. The last thing we want is opinions in 140 characters  which is different from tweeting about an opinion piece that one can read at leisure.

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