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262. Atlanta in a weekend

January 30, 2013

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and is interesting for two big names in the world of politics and marketing. There was no way I was not going to visit this city in the Preach State. Home to Coca Cola and Martin Luther King Jr Atlanta is a warm getaway when the Midwest is freezing.

I had a clear agenda of doing four things in two days. My stay at the Fairfield Inn located at Five Points was pleasant. On Day 1 I visited the Basilica of Sacred Heart for mass and the area around the centennial Olympic Park which includes the World of Coca Cola which is a treasure house dedicated to this iconic brand and a major tourist hot spot.

On Day 2 I spent four hours at the Martin Luther King Historic District visiting his childhood home, his church, his grave and then walking a mile to the center of another Nobel Peace Laureate. The Freedom path leads one to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum which is a quiet and educative place. after spending couple of hours here I was on my way back to Chicago to be welcomed by subsiding icy storms.

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