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261. The NDA hotch potch, the UPA’s dilemma and AAP’s gameplan

January 29, 2013

The difference between the NDA and the UPA is to be seen in their names – one is democratic and the other is united. In true democrtaic style one is throwing up several names and indeed in united fashion one is standing behind the Gandhi scion. The time is not far when other members of the NDA will throw up other names and compromise candidates to lead the NDA to a victory.

The UPA will have to startegise well because it cannot project a rookie Rahul to the post of PM as he has absolutely no ministerial experience which would help from being arm twisted by bureaucrats and other senior UPA partners and elders  from his party as well. It is chicken and egg. If Modi is projected PM the dilemma of the Congress will be in choosing to stick to not having a candidate and finding one when the election results come out or to project someone from the options it has. The NDA confusion arises from putting up Modi and taking the risk of losing at least one key ally and alienating several potential voters.

And then there is the up and coming AAP – the Aam Aadmi Party which is making inroads into the mainstream and could make or break the two large combines by splitting votes one way or the other  and whose vote bank it will eat into is difficult to predict. The next 12 months will be a closely watched period in modern Indian politics as the fourth generation  or fifth if you count Motilal) Nehru-Gandhi emerges from the shadows and the BJP chooses to elevate Modi or not do so fearing a backlash.

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