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257. The magic of honesty

January 25, 2013

The beauty of this country (USA) is the focus on honesty. People do not lie and when they do it is not taken lightly. Being truthful is a way of life. You see it in everyday life and several transactions.

There are several opportunities for one to be dishonest but people by and large don’t give in to the temptation. It has to do with a variety of factors – including an imbibing of values during childhood, smaller population in a larger area where there is plenty of resources and the like. I write this blog to highlight an incident that just occured.

My wrist watch stopped last night and I gave it to the watch repair shop (to which I have been twice before) in the neighbouring building for a battery replacement. They asked me when I had replaced my battery to which I responded that I don’t remember but possibly over a year ago and they asked me to return in an hour as it was lunch time with 11 dollars as they only accept cash. When I went back to collect my watch they told me I did not need to pay as they found out that they had replaced my battery 11 months ago and since it was less than a year the onus was on them to replace it for free.

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