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256. Showing Up Differently

January 24, 2013

I just found this line intriguing from a presentation I attended today. This comes at a time when several interesting political milestones are taking place in India this week. They include the following – Two national and two regional parties made appointments without an election to senior most positions in the party; Justice Verma made his recommendations to the government on amendments to the criminal law;  And David Headley, one of the masterminds behind the Mumbai terror attack was sentenced to 35 years in prison by a court in Chicago.

These three pieces of news of varying significance are all connected to three pressing problems India is facing: a) Incompetent political leadership and the role of dynasty in governance b) Women’s safety and human rights and c) Terrorism and national security which need to be fixed at lightning speed before the rule of the mob sets in. While we are great at making noises, we rarely act. While we get carried away with half baked information we rarely read and understand.

We can’t make random comparisons of Osama and Headley as the two have different backgrounds though they were masterminds of terror in their own rights. We can’t go on saying Rahul is better than Modi and Modi better than Rahul when our political system is not about candidates but about the party, which chooses a leader after the results pour in unless the incumbent runs for a second term. And we cannot talk like experts about violence against women unless we read recommendations made by a panel of legal eagles.

We have to show up differently and the time to do that is now. We need to stop making knee jerk reactions. We need to blend the rational with the emotional.

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