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249. Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations – book review

January 17, 2013

As a tribute to the founder I made it a point to read the newly published book in one sitting on the very day he was buried in New York. The book brought to life the 92 years of Dan in 170 pages and what a treat it was to be let in on some interesting anecdotes about Dan, Ruth, their three children and the world around them.

The book has been smartly written by Franz Wisner with pictures and text throughout telling a story that grips you as if it were fiction. To think that one man in his lifetime could do so much without selling out and making his firm the Number 1 in the business is remarkable. Dan did not have it easy but he never gave up. He is an inspiration for all service industry professionals and not just those in media or PR.

The book misses out mentioning India and the TATA win of 2011 (except a passing mention of the 5 new offices in the last few pages) where Edelman has become the dominant player in a short time. The first and third chapter are a flow but chapter 2 is put between them to give it a feel of flashback. The style of writing is very fast paced covering a lot of ground.

I see the potential for a full length feature film based on this book. It is interesting that we were told that we would receive the book on Jan 15th and that is the day Dan breathed his last. The digital version will be out on March 17th and I would recommend it as a good read for budding entrepreneurs, people in the service profession and to anyone who likes trivia on American business.

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