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245. Why Narendra Modi is a disgusting man?

January 13, 2013

My hatred for Narendra Modi has been mistaken for me being a Congress stooge. But when I profess my respect and regard for Vajpayee and my very own MLA in my hometown of Mangalore – who both belong to the BJP the Modi lovers are perplexed. I have always maintained that I’m anti BJP but not necessarily pro-Congress. Of the two devils the latter is more tolerable because it is after all the party that fought for India’s independence and has an ideology one can relate to. It’s another aspect entirely that the present establishment running the party has been a disaster in more ways than one.

Getting back to where I started, this blog is to highlight how sick the mind of this man can be by doing the following things – first he and his party have been anti Pakistan for whatever it is worth despite the various connections they made when NDA was in power. Then he has the audacity to invite a delegation from Karachi to an event which I have witnessed from close quarters in 2009 and is nothing more than an extravaganza to get industrialists to sing his praises in exchange for cheap land. After having them come for a three day event he has the disgusting audacity to ask them to leave mid-way.

Why invite people from a nation you and your party are not comfortable with? Who invites people to a party knowing all the background and then asks them to leave in between just to earn brownie points? This is the crookedness and cunningness of the man that makes him an absolute misfit to lead any geography beyond the one he has currently confined to thanks to the polarisation he organised a decade ago. And then there are some people who will praise him blindly on social networks and at forums that he organises and ridicule those who question him.

I would lobe for BJP led coalition to win and run the country in 2014 but I’m sure there is no way this man that his few cronies want as PM will ever get to that position because when the time comes the party will put him in his place like they ave done in the recent past with the man in Karnataka, the woman in Rajasthan, Uma in MP, Kalyan in UP – the last two for being non Brahmins. It will be Arun Jaitley or Jaswant Singh they will choose if they have to and that will be interesting.

When was the last time you invited your sister’s colleague’s kids home for a party (knowing the sister and that colleague are not the best of friends) and then when you realised your sister and her colleagues were having a fight decide to ask these invitees to leave the party. Bad analogy maybe but just to drive the point home that this man is unreliable. And so are the numbers he throws up at the  Gujarat Summit.

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