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How the guy is doing disservice to Jyoti Singh Pandey

January 8, 2013

I am all for free speech but the basic rule of communication is not just what or how to say it but when to say it. I am a supporter for the strictest punishment for rape. I am also a strong believer that rapes don’t happen because of women but because of men who become beasts.

I don’t want to be controversial on this sensitive issue but the lawyer in me has been thinking ever since the boy (Avinder Pratap Pandey) spoke about the incident on national TV about several things. And I think he is doing disservice to the girl by being misguided. I wish better sense prevails and he waits for the court’s verdict before opening up and here’s why?

a) When the case is sub judice he should be talking to the court and the judges and not to the nation through the media.

b) He is weakening the case by saying that the police and hospital delayed, thereby conveying that the perpetrators of the crime did not kill her.

c) He is rubbing the Delhi police the wrong way. They are known to be inefficient and arrogant anyway. They have nothing to lose in not making this a watertight case.

d) He claims he beat them up for lewd remarks they made. Their lawyers can argue that they had no intention to rape or kill but they were outraged by this guy beating them (I am purely going on the basis of what he said to Zee TV) which is why they reacted by assaulting them.

e) The lawyers have already stated that these men will plead not guilty. They could infact say that this guy got them to violate her as he wanted her destroyed (basis what her father said that they are from different castes and would not be marrying each other). Anything is possible in this bad bad world.

f) The fact that the Delhi police chose to file a case on the channel for telecasting his interview and not him for participating in the interview is another clue that they are capable of devising other ways of harming him and the case.

I am sure there will be a lot of opposition to this blog. All I am saying is the guy has been negligent on the night of December 16th and he has been negligent by being trapped by Zee Group. All of it won’t quicken the justice delivery system. It will in-fact harm the chances of those brutal men being hanged.

You either have a trial by media or trial by court of law. Choosing both is harmful. The better option would be to record it all and play it once the court gives its verdict.

And let’s not forget that Zee’s only objective was to get back at the establishment because Jindal is part of it and they used this guy to do that. Good for them. But bad for the case.

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