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232. 13 people in America I’m thankful to

January 1, 2013

As we start 2013 I want to thank 13 people (all Indians) who have made my stay in America happier, friendlier and memorable. Most of them are married couples and I have had at least one meal in their homes and stayed over at most of their houses. This is also the first blog of the new year.

Niyati and Abhijith in Seattle, WA for being more than a sister and  for the hospitality in Seattle. They have given me a reason to see them in 2013.

Farida and Adnan in Ronkonkoma, NY for three hours of warmth and care. They have a cute, tiny baby who was 8 weeks when I visited.

Puvana and Ashley in Minneapolis, MN for being superb hosts along with Tanisha. They made us see Fall colors at their brightest.

Savitha and Sathya in Woodridge, NJ for being a home away from home. They will have a bigger home and a bigger family in april so gotta go again.

Bhuvana and Srikanth in Chicago, IL and their twins for having been there. They will be back soon.

Sowmya and Rajath in Chicago, IL for being wonderful people. They made us experience our first road trip and introduced us to a world of 20 other lovely people who are an extension of this list (Raksha, Ashwini, Vivek, Shruthi, Aparna, Srinivas, Priya, Swati, Ravi, Swathi, Prateek, Rajendra, Beena and few others).

Last but not the least is Dr Pai (Aparna for long) for being special in more ways than one. God bless you.

And God Bless India, America and the entire world.

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  1. January 3, 2013 12:26 am

    Happy to be a part of this list. Thanks for the mention. It was great catching up & hope to see you again soon! Wish you a very Happy New Year and much success with the rest of your stint here in the U.S.

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