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224. A 12 point programme to make ‘rape’ history

December 23, 2012

Rape seems like the national pastime of India and this is unbecoming of a country known for its rich heritage and grandstanding on freedom. The recent rape of a girl in Delhi by a group of men on a moving bus in the national capital is the turning point in the way people react to this sick disease that is gripping society because of a few perverted men who behave like beats. Here are a few ways to help make end this menace in our lifetime, preferably as soon as possible but definitely by the end of this decade


These are few ideas to prevent rape:

Upbringing – Parents need to be trained with value education that percolates down to offsprings

Pledge – Mandatory oath taking in schools for Grade 8 male students about respecting all human beings and women in particular

Safety nets – Fool proof systems for safety of women of all ages at all times and all places

Cinema and Media sensitization – Influencers need to ensure that women are not commodified in the characters they portray


These are few ideas to address the rapes that are not prevented:

Naming and shaming – Publish photos with names and parents name in local newspapers where the criminal hails from and where he is currently based

Quick redressal – 5 days to book culprit, 25 days to decide on life imprisonment or death penalty

Compensation from rapist’s wealth – Wherever possible the rapists assets should be attached to compensate the victim


These are few ideas to overhaul the entire system and the way these crimes are viewed:

MARSO : Men Against Rapists and Sexual Offenders –  It is time for a non-profit that creates awareness about respect for women and lends its voice against rape and sexual offence

More Power to women – Let women be able to go out with whatever clothes the law permits them to wear just as men do at any time of day and night

Equip vulnerable men and women with tools for self-protection – Let pepper spray be easily available in cans that have a 2 digit password so these cannot be misused

Societal shift : Introduce programmes and promotions to help the ancient and archaic mentality of mistreating women change over a fixed time-frame

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