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221. Twelve interesting people I followed on twitter this year

December 20, 2012

These are 12 interesting people I followed on twitter and those underlined follow me back 😉

The first four I had the pleasure of meeting –

Gabriela Lungu – She is a dynamite from Romania and beautiful as ever.

Yana Dubeykovskaya – She loves all things Asia and India – a communicator to watch.

Jim Messina – He ran Obama’s campaign in 2012 and was present at the Michelle Obama fund raiser I attended.

Liza Saha – This girl is one of the brighter sparks of Indian PR and is a promising talent for the future.

The two names that follow I connected with in connection with PRAXIS and will have the pleasure of meeting in the near future

Roopak Saluja – We just connected on Twitter and he is an interesting individual.

Shivnath Thukral – One of the many senior journalists to have moved to the corporate world. Very smart.

These three I will have something to do with in the future and the first two I have exchanged professional mails with

Pankaj Pachauri – The communications advisor to the Prime Minister was accessible when needed.

Steve Barrett – The Editor of the PR Week – USA is good for the PR profession.

Arvind Kejriwal – Goi ng great guns but needs to work on a clear communications strategy.

These three I may never meet but are interesting nevertheless

B Raman – Says it as it is every morning. Former bureaucrat battling cancer with grace.

Zoe Colaco – Found her on Twitter randomly and represents the teenage American. Worth following to know what goes in the mind of a 16 year old American girl.

Pope Benedict 16th – The Twitter debut of the year and one of the oldest celebrities to take to social media.

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