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220. Inspiring people I met in 2012 (for the first time)

December 19, 2012

I met several people from my profession who inspire me and some of them I met for the first time this year. In fact I met 101 people who I care for during my India trip in 12 days across 5 cities.  But some deserve a mention and their names are here.  The first 6 I met at PRAXIS 2012. The next four I met at the Global PR Summit organised by The Holmes Report in Miami and the last two I met in Chicago.

Divya Singh – This young girl is an atom bomb. She shouldered 51% of the responsibility in putting together the first ever   weekend summit of Indian PR professionals.

Parakram Hazarika – This guy originally from my favourite region in India is made of a different mould and is a refreshing change in a world of boring people.

Vikram Kharvi – This young man is one of the promising individuals for the PR profession.

Deirdre Breakenridge – In the world of PR thought leadership and academia Deirdre (pronounced Dare – Drah) is highly influential and I was glad in being instrumental in bringing her to India on her debut visit.

JJ Vilanilam – This man in his late 70s agreed to fly down and inaugurate the summit we put together and is an institution by himself.

Ashwin Sanghi – Author and celebrity, if there is being ‘down to earth’ one needs to learn from it is from this man.

Peter Chadlington – A bundle of humility and simplicity Lord Chadlington as he is better known walked to me at an event minutes before he was to deliver a keynote and started chatting and the conversations continue on email.

Dave Senay – The CEO of a company that competes with the one I work for was approachable and nice to connect with.

Harris Diamond – Another competitor CEO, he is now the global head of a leading ad agency.

Madan Bahal – One of the stalwarts of Indian Public Relations is a very gentle soul from the couple of interactions I have had

David Brain – He runs APAC for Edelman and couple of hours after I met him he had Africa and Middle east in his kitty. Though we met for less than two minutes the warm hug and the positive vibe we shared was inspirational.

Michelle Obama – I saw her husband twice – on a motorcade and at the election night victory rally but this gorgeous woman I shook hands with in the last week of June at a fund raiser.

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