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218. Food Experiences of 2012

December 17, 2012

Foodie experiences in 2012

Clam Chowder at Boudins in San Francisco Airport on New Year Day

Willard Hotel where the word Lobbying originated or so they say though the meals I ate in DC were elsewhere

Zaytinya, Firefly, Founding Farmers and Old Ebbitt’s Grill – all in DC

Dined at all the four tallest towers in Chicago – Aon, HancockWillis and Trump

Chicago Restaurant Week – Tried 4 awesome restaurants as part of this celebration including Nick’s Fishmarket and Henri

Taste of Chicago is a 5 day food carnival at Grant Park

Visited the oldest restaurant in America – Union Oyster House 

Visited six different Hard Rock Cafes – Chicago, Washington DC, St Louis, Niagara, Seattle and Boston.

Visited the first Starbucks in the world on the day Starbucks opened in India

Visited the first Starbucks in India

Ate some great seafood at Mangalore Pearl

And at my all time favourite Dinoos in Mangalore after a long long break of 14 months

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