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216. Amazing things I saw for the first time in 2012

December 15, 2012

There is a thin line between experiencing and seeing. I have one blog each for them and here’s the 12 outstanding things I saw for the first time and was mighty impressed.

The MJ Immortal Tour at United Center by cirque de solil,

Gateway Arch in Missouri is one of the best structures I have seen in the US and worth spending a few hours in, around and on top of

Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield is well preserved by the National Parks Service and takes one back in time

Niagara Falls and Cave of the Winds are outstanding and the latter can only be done from the American side – Don’t miss it ever

Boeing and Budweiser  Factories in Seattle and St Louis – not a beer drinker and neither a major aircraft expert but these two were outstanding and stand tall for over a century.

Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States and indeed was humongous

Smoky Mountains – this was a grand road trip with a bunch of 20 friends to the Great smokies for the July 4th weekend

4 of the 5 great lakes – I lived across Lake Michigan, dipped my feet in Lake Superior and on my trip to Niagara and Buffalo got to see Lake Eerie and Lake Ontarion. Only Lake Huron needs to be checked out now.

Ford and Microsoft headquarters – while Boeing and Budweiser are the epitome of aircrafts and beer, these two are the American icons of automobiles and software and I saw these buildings in all their glory.

Fall colours in Duluth – This was a beautiful day trip and every moment well worth it. Never seen leaves in more shades than on this last day of September

Christmas in New York – This is due in 10 days and I’m excited. NY was my first destination when I first visited the US in 2010 but that was March and this is Christmas

Cherry Blossoms + White House + The Capitol in DC – DC is  a great capital city and we saw 25 things in 4 days but  the three that stood out were  unforgettable.

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