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214 Cities I saw in 2012

December 13, 2012

This blog is about the journeys I undertook within the United States and the new places I saw. A quick snapshot of the cities I saw with hyperlinks to blogs I wrote about some of them.

It started with the nation’s capital and ended with Rain City. (I also visited Miami and due to visit New York but I have been there before)

Washington DC – Every American and every tourist to the United States of America should visit this great city. Full of history, heritage and heart. A week is too short but we packed in all we could into four glorious days right at the start of the 100th Cherry Blossom Festival.

Wilmot – This day trip to this little mountain in neighbouring Wisconsin was memorable. In 6 hours flat one was taught to ski and was able to try out some bunny slopes. Worth an annual visit.

Detroit – The land of automobile. This quick weekend trip was mainly to catch up with a dear friend visiting from Asia. Staying across the street from the Ford HQ was the highlight.

St Louis – A Memorial Day special. This city has a lot that one can do over a packed weekend. Must do for those in the Midwest.

Gatlinburg – The beautiful little town enveloped by the Great Smokies has lots to offer fro people of all ages. My first major road trip where I had no driving to do. Good stuff all the way.

Springfield – This city should be renamed Lincolnland or Lincolnfield. Great for Abe aficionados. A good day trip or to do all of it at leisure a neat weekend outing.

Boston – The center of New England. Two days in Cambridge and then two days in Boston were indeed beautiful. Lots in store.

Niagara – After landing in Buffalo two full days were spent experiencing one of the world’s greatest waterfalls. The cave of the Winds to me was the show-stealer. No American should miss seeing this part of their great nation.

Indianapolis – Capital of Indiana  was visited mainly to spend a day with a cousin but the state was visited also to see the beautiful Indiana Dunes Beach a week prior.

(the four cities mentioned above were a treat to my dad who was on his maiden trip across the Atlantic in the summer of 2012)

Minneapolis – This city and the outing to Duluth both in the state of Minnesota were worth every second including catching up with a close friend. The Fall colors were glowing gloriously. Several corporations headquartered here.

Davenport – This was a day trip to neigbouring Iowa to door knock as part of the campaign for President Obama. Every minute was worth it as the President won this battleground state. My reward for this day of volunteering was a guest pass to the election night rally.

Seattle – Rainy City where a very dear friend, a very dear professor and couple of other friends live. Home of Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks. This weekend trip was superb thanks also to the visit to the Boeing factory.

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