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212. Twelve blogs on and for 2012

December 11, 2012

I plan to write 12 blogs to commemorate a very significant 2012 and the first in the series is the index of what I will write about, which is below. Most blogs will have 12 bullets but some will not, for obvious reasons. Will have them published between 12th and 23rd December and they are all hyperlinked here –

Learning from 2012 – so many of them but I listed twelve I will remember

Cities I visited for the first time in 2012 (Detroit, St Louis, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Boston, Seattle, Davenport, Wilmot, Indianapolis, Gatlinburg, Springfield and Washington DC)

First-time Experiences in 2012 (Mama Mia in Broadway, Shen yun at the Lyric Opera House, Yanni Live at Chicago Theater, Segway Ride, Football game at Soldiers field, Helicopter ride in St Louis, baseball game at Wrigley field, Dressed for a Halloween ball, campaigning in Iowa, Ice skating,spent two days at Harvard studied marketing, strip club )

Amazing things I saw in 2012 (the MJ tour at United Center by cirque de solil, Gateway Arch, Lincoln’s home, Niagara Falls, Boeing and Budweiser factory factories, Mall of America, Smokie Mountains, 4 of the 5 great lakes, Ford and Microsft headquarters, Fall colours in Duluth, Christmas in New York, Cherry blossoms + White House + The Capitol in DC )

Interesting events I was part of in 2012 (Chicago Ideas Week, NATO Summit, Nobel Peace Summit, Global PR Summit, IABC World Conference, Jazz Festival, World Music festival, Edelman’s 60th year celebration, Obama’s Election night victory rally, PRAXIS, 175 years of Chicago, St Patrick’s Parade )

Foodie experiences in 2012 (First Starbucks, Taste of Chicago, Oyster House, Willard Hotel, Dined at all the four tallest towers in Chicago – Aon, signature, Metropolitan and trump, clam chowder in Sf, Visited 5 different HRCs, First Starbucks in India, as always a hearty meal at Mangalore Pearl)

New friends in America in 2012 (Sarah, Lauri, Cathy, Eileen, Rachel, Tina, Alex, Nivedita, Aashish, Masha, Penney, Edeilaine, Skye )

Inspiring people I met in 2012 (Divya Singh, Liza, Parakram, Vikram Kharvi, Deirdre, JJ Vilanilam, Ashwin, Peter Chadlington, Dave Senay, Harris Diamond, Madan Bahal, Michelle Obama)

Interesting people I Followed on Twitter in 2012 (Gabriela Lungu, Yana Dubeykovskaya, Jim Messina, Aakruti Kaushik, B Raman, Roopak Saluja, Shivnath Thukral, Pankaj Pachauri, Steve Barrett, Arvind Kejriwal, Zoe Colaco, Pope Benedict 16th)

Highlights for Public Relations in India in 2012 (PRAXIS, Cleartrip-Buzz fiasco, PRomise Scholarship, PRACCASA was launched, One more person in the influence list, Good representation at global PR summit)

Stuff to do in the year ahead (Learn Spanish, Visit Las Vegas, See a new country, Do an executive program, Lose weight, Attend WYD and more)

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